BREAKING NEWS: Alex Jones KIDNAPPED By Satanic Silicone Valley

After the news broke that the satanists at Silicone Valley were engaging in an Info-War against conspiracy legend Alex Jones, it has emerged right now that Google has captured Alex Jones and are holding him hostage somewhere in Google HQ, deep underwater.

Early August, InfoWars was banned from Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify in an obvious collusion as these companies are controlled by interdimensional psychic vampires and could not let the TRUTH be known. Twitter was the last company to fold, just last week deciding to ban Alex from the platform forever because he hit Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) with too many truthbombs at a congressional hearing. With all contact to the outside world cut off, Alex was quickly intercepted and taken by Google, who are now trying to erase any evidence of Alex’s existence by hacking into the collective human unconscious hive-mind known as Google Search and remove him from the system.

Here is the proof:

infowars evidence.png

As you can see in the screenshot above, searching for into the news tab elicits no articles to the main site. This is because Big Tech have already started the Great Erasure.

Many would accuse us at InfoBomb of propagating fake news, and point to the fact that Alex Jones was seen livestreaming only a few days ago. But fact it is not; if you look at the following screenshot carefully you will see that Alex is supposedly wearing a donkey mask. This, however, is actually a coded message to the public, mocking them for believing everything they see on the internet like asses. Because Alex Jones is not the one underneath the mask. It is an imposter, pumped up on steroids and Super Male Vitality to produce an almost indistinguishable character from the original.


Though the hoax has everyone fooled, we saw the truth for what it was immediately; as no human is capable of radiating as much pure masculinity as Alex Jones.

But why target Alex Jones? Is it what he knows? Is it what he is? Is it his ability to sell chocolate chicken bone broth by the thousands? Are they harnessing his raw energy to use as a Weapon of Mass Destruction to bring about World War Three and the New World Order? One thing is for sure, by the time they start the mass deletion program to wipe him from our memories, nuclear winter will be upon us, and we will never know.

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