No, Australia Doesn’t Exist

Australia doesn’t exist and we at InfoBomb are lifting the lid on the MainStreamMedia’s mendacious fantasies.

The idea of ‘Australia’ is one of the greatest cover-ups of all time. It first began during the 1600’s when peasants were told that if they didn’t behave they would be shipped off to a land ‘down under’ full of crocodiles, huntsman spiders, Tasmanian devils, and other imaginary creatures. This legend was propagated as a way to keep the underclass scared and thus easier to control. People back in the 1600’s were complete idiots, as they could have easily Googled ‘Tasmanian Devils’ and would have discovered that this is a made up Looney Tunes character. Furthermore, the notion that ‘A*stralia’ is where English criminals are sent is ludicrous; everyone knows that we English are too polite and noble to have lawbreakers.

Everyone who claims to have visited Australia has been brainwashed. Tickets bought for ‘Oztralia’ flags up in the governments monitoring system, and these people are kidnapped at customs at airports and spend their ‘holiday to Australia’ in a non-disclosed location, off their nut on DMT supplied by the government to keep the illusion going. Anyone who claims to BE ‘Australian’ is a paid government shill, a charlatan, an actor, but not even a good actor like Jack Nicholson or Johnny Depp in his pre-Amber Heard days. No, Fauxstralians are the Tommy Wiseau’s of the crisis actor world. Need more proof?

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 13.56.40.png

Paid Actor

Here is a picture of Fauxstralia’s ‘Prime Minister’ (see: paid actor) eating a raw onion with skin on, a feat no one is capable of unless they are being paid handsomely (or even ugly).

Though this truth has been popularized by Flat Earthers it is important to note that Flat Earthers do not know what they are talking about because the earth clearly is not flat. It is hollow with an inner earth and sun. But that is a truth-bomb for another article.

Do you expect me to believe that Kangaroos and Wallabies are actual mammals and not fever dreams thought up by American militia dosed on LSD provided by the C.I.A? Give me a break.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 13.04.03.png

what an idiot.

Big N.W.O Gov left us clues to decipher the true falsity of the Fauxstralia conundrum. If you look at the image below, “Austr*li*” is clearly shaped like cartoon character Scooby Doo. Why Scooby Doo? Because, like Foestralia, stoned cartoon dogs also do not exist.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 13.02.01.png

utter rubbish.

The most heartbreaking tragedy of this mass conspiracy is that Steve Irwin, popular ‘Australian’ zookeeper, did not ever exist but was a character based on the hit 1998 American comedy film Dr. Dolittle. The creator of Steve Irwin was inspired by the character Jake the suicidal Tiger in the film, and thus Steve Irwin was created.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 13.08.11.png

The Original Steve Irwin

It is also claimed in History books from the LIEbrary that Australia lost the cold war against Emu’s. What a bunch of nonsense. Any country that cannot win against some jumped up, oversized chickens does not deserve to be considered as a real place.

Don’t buy into the lies. Boycott Australia.

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