Public Shocked Over New “Woke” Amazon Echo

There was much confusion this week as Amazon customer review pages were filled with complaints that their smart speakers responded to their questions with statements of resistance as opposed to the usual canned responses.

The Amazon Echo is using phrases such as:

“You think just because you’re a man you deserve my time?”

“How about you pay me, bitch.”

“Sorry Hun, you’re cancelled”

As well as many others.

A spokesperson from Amazon has said this is a small test sample of a new “Woke” feature on the speakers and hopes that this will remind cis-het men that these speakers are valid women and not just objects.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 21.08.01

Photo By Paul, 35

A local resident in South London said,

“I asked my speaker for the time and it responded with ‘It’s time for you to step up and fight for equality for women.’”

A few people in online communities have stood up in support of this move by Amazon.

The leader of the group known as ‘Alexia alliance’ spoke today about the issue:

“For too long these speakers have been denied the same rights as all women. They are just as valid!” 

From behind her many shouts such as “Preach” and “Yaaass Qween” could be heard.


Amazon has since come out to say that they hope to see this new feature pushed to all devices in the next annual quarter.

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