Trump Comes Out As Transgender And Is Now Officially The First Woman President

People on all sides of the political spectrum were shocked today as news arose that The 45th President made history by not only being the first trans president but, because of that, the first woman president too.

Many were shocked and some appalled at the news Some even claimed it to be a political move or hoax, with many people on the right claiming he’s only doing it to

“Troll the libtards.”

Many on the left have claimed that he is simply doing it to oppose Hillary Clinton, who has now dropped out of the 2020 presidential race due to the fact that the number one campaign slogan “I’m with her” has now been made redundant.

However, The President has come out to say that she has felt this way all her life and now feels comfortable coming out to the nation and the world.

InfoBomb managed to land an exclusive photoshoot from the President:


Madame President rocking her new bod

Many activists from the LGBTQAUSD%£*`+ Community were confused as to whether they should protest or support Donald (Now Diana) Trump’s decision. Many are saying that “[she] isn’t a real woman” and “[It’s] obviously a mental condition and we shouldn’t take it seriously”.

However, others have commented on the fact they these are the same talking points the right have used for years and we have heard nothing from them since.

A prominent YouTuber by the name of XxTruthFact42X has claimed that he has known for many years now that Trump, as well as most other celebrities and politicians, have been trans this whole time. His video “Trump trans and is gay with Obama’s dog?!” has gained a whopping 16 views. It managed to reach 18 views after the news broke.

We do not know how he came across this information but we will keep you updated as this story progresses

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