New meme alert! ‘Planking’ takes the internet by storm

You may be familiar with 2018’s latest memes and trends such as ‘Homer In Undertale’, ‘Opal Chinaman Style’, and the ‘Do A Poo In Sainsbury’s Challenge’ but as of last Wednesday the internet has given digital birth to a new craze known as ‘Planking’.

Not to be confused with Wanking, Planking is an activity in which an individual lays flat in an unusual situation while a friend photographs it, saves it to their computer and uploads it to The Online for all to enjoy.

As of the 8th of October 2018, more than 150 images of planking have been uploaded to Twitter alone, causing an overload in the main servers.

One spokesperson at Twitter HQ told me the following:

“We’re getting overwhelmed with all the wanking (sic) images being uploaded and the server room is getting really hot. We need to get more windows built just to keep them open lest the servers get too warm for our service to continue.”

The sheer volume of Planking photos and videos being uploaded to the internet in general has already begun to cause problems for the public. Notably, my grandmother’s iPad stopped working yesterday – likely due to Apple’s servers becoming overloaded or my cousin dropping it in the bath one too many times.

While the trend seems like innocent fun for the brainwashed public, here at InfoBomb we recognise the real danger behind Planking – It’s entirely possible that an individual may get hurt while attempting to plank dangerously, perhaps on the tip of a rhino’s horn or upon a gun owned by someone to whom they owe a large sum of money.

If any member of your family has been planking, please put a stop to it before they hurt themselves, unless they are a paedophile or any other genre of monster.


A lovely man with a broad planking on his dome.

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