Kanye West Calls Blindness a Superpower After Watching Marvel’s Daredevil

The artist took to twitter on Saturday to inform everyone that visual impairment is not a disability.




Fashion designer and musical artist Kanye West felt inspired by the Netflix show “Marvel’s Daredevil” this Saturday and decided to share his enthusiasm around blindness with fans, describing it as a “superpower” and not a disability. The rapper was met with both praise and criticism from other celebrities.

Actor Aaron Paul was not happy and decided to leave a message for Kanye on the social media platform.



Fellow artist Young Thug is on board with the idea.



Legendary artist Stevie Wonder also weighed in on the topic.



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Brave Journalist Sacrifices Career With Controversial Anti-Gang Rape Tweet

Journalist and author Ed Krassenstein means business, and he is ready to face the consequences of being a hero.

What does bravery mean to you? Maybe it means fighting for your country, or standing up for the weak. To me, bravery means this:


As we are all aware, gang rape is an extremely common issue in the west. I’ve personally been witness to at least 8 gang rapes just this week! I know what you’re thinking, it’s just gang rape, who cares? It’s only a bit of rape, right? Well, Ed Krassenstein cares, and he’s here to put a stop to it once and for all. You may think that a tweet isn’t going to do much, but you’re sorely mistaken. I reached out to three different gang rapists to hear their thoughts on Ed’s brave and potentially career-ruining tweet.


First I talked to a man by the name of Gary, 36. He told me he was quite shocked and had never really thought about gang rape that way.

Q: What went through your head when you read this tweet, Gary?

A: That gang rape is like, not okay.

Q: Do you still want to gang rape?

A: No, no I feel horrible about gang raping now, I never want to do it again.


The next man I talked to was Luke, 28. He had also never thought about gang rape like this:

Q: So tell me, does this make you feel different about rape?

A: You know, I never really thought much about gang raping. It was just banter with my mates, never really considered the consequences.

Q: What are you thinking about now?

A: Just feeling a bit guilty about gang raping I suppose.


My final interviewee was Conner. Unfortunately Conner had an extremely thick chav accent so I couldn’t understand him, but in conclusion, what Ed Krassenstein is doing is absolutely worthy of praise, he is putting a lot on the line to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and that is something we should all do. Be the change you want to see in the world, it’s what Ed would have wanted.