Eurocrats Who Don’t Know How To Use The Internet Pass Bill To Change The Internet

The European Parliament was thrilled today as they passed legislation – known as Article 13 – that could ban memes, as it is a form of communication that they do not understand and thus fear.

European bureaucrats, whom no one elected in the first place, decided that they know best for Joe Publics internet usage, despite not being able to use the internet themselves.

Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament, had his 19-year-old underpaid intern tweet out today that:

Our ‘Bullshit Decoder’ software tells us that by “victory for all citizens” he means “my friends at Big Corp”.

The European Parliament is also known as the B.O.O.M.E.R.S society, or “Big Old Overseeing Men Excitedly Rubbing themselves”.

Jean-Claude Juncker told us at InfoBomb that, “1984 is a fantastic story, less of a novel and more of a guideline.”

A grassroots movement across the internet is quickly being organised to make memes of the EU in the hopes that they will ban themselves. More on this as it develops.