New Leak Finds That Barack Obama Never Existed


America was divided when Barack Hussein Obama II became the 44th President of the United States in January 2009. Many did not believe that he was born a citizen of the United States, claiming that he was instead born in Norway, and a ‘birthing’ movement was created. A big advocate of ‘the birthers’ was none other than the current President of America Donald ‘The Donald Trump’ Trump, who demanded that Barack Obama showcase his birth certificate to prove the haters wrong. Yet Obama never did acquiesce. Because the birth certificate didn’t exist.

Because Barack Obama had never been born.

Barack Obama never existed.

For 8 years, the American people were hoodwinked into believing that a man named Barack Obama led them. For 8 years he was watched on TV by millions. But the man on the TV was not a man at all. He was CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, this entire time.

A credible source, who must remain anonymous, told us at InfoBomb that:

“There’s a reason you don’t see Obama much these days. It cost a fortune to keep the charade up, paid for unknowingly by the American taxpayer. Think of every single photo and video there is of Obama and realize that each of those were doctored. We had thousands of employees working around the clock during Obama’s (or as we called him ‘Obama.gif’) presidency just to make sure the secret never came out.”

Our source also exclusively gave us a set of pictures to publish, showcasing the evolution of the CGI-Obama quality.


“As you can see, our best technology was rather primitive at the time, but back in 2009 the internet wasn’t really a thing so we could get away with a lot of mistakes. If you were to squint near Obama.gif you would have been able to see his quite obvious pixels. We worked around this by making sure all important meetings were held during a game of golf, as wearing sunglasses helped cover this up nicely.”


“Our technology improved massively since then, but we had one hiccup during Trump’s inauguration when the visual effects team couldn’t be bothered to put as much effort in the job anymore, as you can see in the photo below. Luckily no one noticed as no one was watching at the time.”


Now that you, the reader, are educated on the menace of CGI Deep State agents, be aware of any C.G.P’s (Computer Generated Persons) in your area. A good rule of thumb is to see if they freeze without breathing for an inordinately long time (anything longer than 15 minutes is suspicious) if you turn the WiFi off.*


*It should be noted that MP Ed Miliband is NOT a C.G.P; we have a court order that proves it.