Protesters Seek To Ban Chess Because “White Always Goes First.”

Chess in its most common form has been around since the 6th century AD and has been enjoyed by billions ever since. However, due to the ever-changing climate we find ourselves in, some believe it’s time has come.

A group known as the ‘Black Chess Alliance’ (BCA) wrote an open letter to the UK parliament campaigning for the immediate removal of the game from the county and to stop the immediate production of any white coloured chess pieces.

A debate occurred at a local pub on the 27th of the January to decide whether having a rule that white must go first could be considered a hate crime to minority groups.

The chairman of the BCA came in to debate her argument with the opposition. Our top InfoBomb reporter has collected some of the key points in the conversation.


Opposition: “We hear the points you are making, however, we believe that banning a game because of a rule that doesn’t appear to have any race connotation is ludicrous.”

BCA: “This just shows how far back the systematic oppression of minorities goes, of course the white oppressors would portray that in their games.”

Opposition: “We’re not sure if you know this but the game was actually invented in India by someone who wasn’t white.”

BCA (Shouting): “That’s simply what this racist government wants us to think, it was actually created by the KKK during segregation in America!”


At this point the BCA chairman began taking out white chess pieces and threw them at the members of the opposition yelling “Take back your racial hatred!” and was quickly escorted out by security.

When we reached out to her for comment about a potential alternative to the game she said it should be,

“Chess but all black pieces”

When we brought up the fact that might get confusing to those playing she told us we were “cancelled” and blocked us on Twitter.

We will keep you updated with any further information and parliaments eventual conclusions.